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Golden Ratio "Phi" as the sum of an infinite series Math Geometry Poster Wall decor


This poster includes "phi", also known as the golden ratio number represented as an infinite sum together with a geometrical representation

It's believed that the Golden Ratio has been in use for at least 4,000 years in human art and design. However, it may be even longer than that – some people argue that the Ancient Egyptians used the principle to build the pyramids.
Some sources claim that the golden ratio is commonly used in everyday design, for example in the shapes of postcards, playing cards, posters, wide-screen televisions, photographs, light switch plates and cars
This Poster is printed on waterproof tear resistant material, using high definition UV inks, for indoor or outdoor use.. It doesn't come with frame
All produced and designed by Buttered Kat, Proudly Made in the USA