Buttered Kat

Lincoln and Johnson Vintage Ad Campaign Poster

United States Republican presidential ticket, 1864. Print shows a campaign banner for 1864 Republican presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln and running mate Andrew Johnson. A drawn curtain reveals bust portraits of the two candidates in roundels framed in oak leaves. Above the portraits is a "Temple of Liberty," within which stands a female figure holding a staff and liberty cap. Four American flags flank the temple. Perched on the temple's dome is an eagle with spread wings holding a banderole in his mouth and arrows in his talons. Rays of light ending in stars emanate from the temple.

Custom orders accepted. Size: 20 x 30. Comes ready to hang with a black frame. Please message us for bulk orders, other sizes as well as frame options. 

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Poster
  • Presidential Campaign
  • Presidents
  • Republican Party
  • Vintage Ad
  • Wall Art
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