Buttered Kat

Smoky Bulb Metal Wall Art Decor printed on Brushed Aluminum

  • Metallic Finish: Printed directly on refined brushed aluminum, adding that wow factor and immediate conversation starter, looks unique and different
  • Three dimensional installation: Comes with 4 standoffs(spacers) for an installation that will leave this piece popping out of the wall
  • Sturdy high quality material, more resistant than canvas and more expensive looking, its meant to last a lifetime!
  • Looks great on any space be it Office, Kitchen Living Room, or Bedroom. Great as gift
  • 100% Guarantee or your money back , Proudly Made in the USA



Frequently Asked Questions 

    • What type of material is this?
      It is printed on refined aluminum, the surface where the image is printed is brushed aluminum giving the picture a strong metallic look and feel, specially on the lighter parts. The thickness of the materials is around 4 mm or around 1/6th of an inch , it is sturdy , rigid looks expensive and modern
    • What are standoffs ? 
      Standoffs are a type of spacer, after the installation it gives it a "floating" feeling since it is separated from the wall by around an inch, they are made of brushed stainless steel so it matches perfectly with the picture
  • What do i need to install it?
    Same thing you would need to install any other artwork , nails and anchors for your type of wall (not included), plus 4 standoffs (included). Dont worry detailed instructions come with every package, it should take around 15 minutes for a single person to install.
  • Can this be used outdoors?
    Absolutely! due to the material we use and the printing technique this product is waterproof and suitable to be used outside
  • Where are your products made?
    All of our products are proudly made in the US, we are located in Miami ,Fl.
  • I need a different size than the ones you offer, can you make custom orders?
    No problem, we can make bigger or smaller sizes than the ones we offer , just send us a message for a quote
  • Brushed aluminum
  • Bulb
  • electric
  • Metal Print
  • Vintage Metal
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