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Animalism (Animal Farm) Flag Wall Decor

Like any flag, the flag of Animal Farm is symbolic of its citizens. According to Snowball, it represents the goals of the rebellion: equality for all animals all over England. Snowball hopes the flag will fly over every farm in Britain someday, showing that all animals are free to reign over themselves. He tells the other animals that the green background represents the green fields of England, while the hoof and horn symbolize the Republic of Animals.

1. Materials 
All options are printed directly on the material's surface using UV inks.
** Brush Aluminum**
          - Aluminum Composite Panel 3 mm thick (about 1/12th Inch).  Brushed Aluminum surface
          - Glossy metallic surface
          - Can be used outdoors (Waterproof and sunlight resistant)
          - Due to its reflecting metallic surface the picture looks different depending on light exposure
           -Light, sturdy and long-lasting
 ** White Aluminum **
          - Aluminum Composite Panel 3 mm thick (about 1/12th inch).  White coated aluminum surface
          - Matte surface
          - Can be used outdoors (Waterproof and sunlight resistant)
          - Colors look sharper and more solid due to its matte surface
          -Light, sturdy and long-lasting
         -PVC Sheet 1.2 cm thick (1/2 inch). 
         -Matte surface

Poster Paper:

Our non-paper poster material is waterproof and tear resistant. It is meant to last a lifetime and can even be used outside. This poster does not come with a frame. Custom orders accepted.

  • Animal Farm
  • Brushed aluminum
  • Flag
  • George Orwell
  • Literature
  • Metal Print
  • Wall Art
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