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The Basket of Apples (1633) by Paul Cézanne Masterpiece Reproduction Printed in Refined Aluminum


The Basket of Apples is an oil painting produced in 1895 by French painter Paul Cezanne. This painting by Paul Cezanne was noticed widely for its disjoint perspectives. The Basket of Apples due to its unbalanced parts was regarded as a balanced composition.

*Product Description*

This piece is printed on Refined aluminum. Refined Aluminum is a rigid long lasting material. It is 4mm thick with a back frame, comes ready to install. (Check pictures).

Why use Refined Aluminum?
The material keeps the colors closer to the originals and gives them that museum look once installed. It lasts longer, is waterproof and can even be used outdoors.

Will this look pixelated?
Absolutely not! We use high resolution files and the best UV printers that allow us to print the pieces at even higher dimensions than the original.