Nerd Oriented Decor

Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee - Salvador Dali Masterpiece Reproduction Printed in Refined Aluminum


An oil painting on wood. In this "hand-painted dream photograph", as Dalí generally called his paintings, there is a seascape of distant horizons and calm waters, perhaps Port Lligat, amidst which Gala is the subject of the scene. Next to the naked body of the sleeping woman, which levitates above a flat rock that floats above the sea, Dalí depicts two suspended droplets of water and a pomegranate, a Christian symbol of fertility and resurrection. Above the pomegranate flies a bee, an insect that traditionally symbolizes the Virgin.

We print directly on aluminum substrates. This material is more rigid and long lasting than canvas. It keeps the colors sharper and closer to the originals. Material is 1/16 th of an inch thick, is waterproof and can be placed outdoors.